We hope you realize what a good deal it is to buy a parish lottery ticket. For just about 14¢ a day, you have a chance to win a daily, holiday or grand prize for 183 days. Prizes will be as follows: 2 Grand Prizes of $500.00, 10 Holiday Prizes of $100.00 and 170 Daily Prizes of $50.00. A potential $5,000.00 Grand Prize can be won. Please see the lottery ticket for details.

Selling commissions will be paid at the rate of $3.00 per ticket for sales of more than five (5) tickets. A 10% Winning Ticket commission will also be paid to sellers of the Grand Prize and Holiday Prize winning tickets.

We encourage all parishioners to support this endeavor to raise money for our parish.

**Due to a printing error on the lottery tickets for the upcoming installment starting July 1, 2018, an incorrect date has been listed as the qualifying date for the potential $5,000 grand prize. The date as printed on the ticket is September 23, 2015. The correct qualifying date should be November 6, 2018. We will honor both dates in determining if there is a $5,000 grand prize winner. **