Parish Cemetery Information

1. Decorations—The annual spring clean-up of our cemetery has begun with the removal of decorations. Our
workers are in the process of filling graves that have settled, planting grass and installing markers.

2. Cemetery Water—The water has been turned on. Please be careful when driving on the roads,
especially near the water spigots.

3. Cemetery Envelopes—Included in this quarter’s church envelopes is one marked ‘CEMETERY
DONATION’. The cost of maintaining a cemetery is expensive; grass cutting, repairing old stones, resetting sunken
stones as well as the cemetery chapel, the road, and the water and sewer lines. We ask that you be generous in
your contribution. Thank you!

4. Cemetery Lots– We have a limited number of graves available for sale. If anyone is interested, please call
the rectory to set up an appointment at the cemetery.

5. Cemetery Guidelines

*For the safety of YOUR children please watch them. Do not allow them to play on or near the monuments.
*No DOGS allowed.
*Artificial flowers are not permitted from April 1 to November 1. Any placed on graves will be discarded.
*All loose objects (holy cards, statues, pictures, vases etc) placed on graves and monuments will be
removed during the cutting season (April 1 – November 1). If not removed, they will be discarded.
*No shrubs or trees are permitted. If any are planted, they will be removed.
*No flowers, or any obstacles are allowed around the flat markers.
*If you are having a monument installed, please have your monument company check with the rectory office to
verify the size you have selected is permitted.
*All work is done by cemetery employees.
*PLEASE have respect for ALL our families and be careful where you park. DO NOT park on grave sites.
*Please maintain a speed of 5 mph when driving in the cemetery for the safety of visitors and the cemetery