Sacrament of Baptism

Parents having a first child must attend a Pre-Baptismal class. Please call the Parish Office to make a reservation for the class and to schedule a Baptism.


Sacrament of Matrimony

Couples should make an appointment with the Pastor at least six months in advance. At least one person must be a registered member of the parish.


Visitation of Our Sick

If you are admitted to one of the local hospitals, it is very important that you indicate that you are a member of St. Paul of the Cross Parish. Due to Federal privacy regulations, the hospitals will no longer notify the parish about a parishioner’s admission. The family must contact the Parish so Father Scott Sterowski can visit them. The codes for Sacred Hearts, St. John’s and St. Francis will no longer be available. If you do not identify yourself as a member of St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Father Sterowski will not be informed of your admittance to the hospital. It is very important to contact the Parish Office to notify us if a parishioner has been hospitalized, especially if they were admitted through the Emergency Room.



Our St. Paul of the Cross Parish youth who received the SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION on Saturday, October 13 in Nativity of Our Lord Church were:

Kristian FRANCIS Anthony, Emily AGNES Clark, Paige ELIZABETH Gandara, Nicholas FRANCIS Shimo, Jaden JOHN Karwaski,
Aidan MICHAEL Tomczyk, Bria PHILOMENA Klingerman

We congratulate these young people and their families, and we pray that the gifts of the Holy Spirit will inspire them to grow in wisdom, understanding, right judgment, knowledge, courage, reverence, wonder and awe!